Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Wednesday Night

Right after work, I drove to where the Seattle HTML Writers Group was hosting the class on CSS (HTML Stylesheets), which was being taught by elfs. It was surprisingly close to work, and was corner to the Microsoft Campus (which turned out to be a lot closer to me than I had thought for all these years, less than 5 miles). The class was interesting and neat, and now I will have to go back through all the assorted web pages I maintain and rejigger them to use CSS.

After that, I drove home, swapped cars, and drove my old Jeep to Seattle to lend it to Tobi, as she needs it to move stuff in preparation for her move. (She is moving to Utah for the winter.) She carried me back to my house in her car, and then we together trimmed the cats' claws (it works so much better when two people are doing it.)


Thursday after my worktasks were done, I started installing the 2.4.22 kernel on my laptop, which has been a small "todo" for some time. While doing that, I IMed a bit with lionmage, and then decided to go to the Grind, as this was going to be Tobi's last Grind for several months (she had become a regular there).

It was fun. I met some of her friends, and spent some time dancing in the front and in the back.


Gym. Session 75 of 124. Back, shoulders, triceps. This was a pretty typical back session, with one addition. Kneeling bench dumbbell rows. That really isolated my traps on the sides. I felt it for days after.

I bugged out of work early and went into Seattle to pick up Tobi. She was all kitted up in her costume for ConiFur, but the catseyes contacts did not permit her to drive. I hauled us down to the Tacoma Convention Center, and hit the con. It was fun, tho disappointing that they closed the Dealers Den only about an hour after we got there.

Judy called me. She was, I think, a bit discombobulated, as one of her jobs had just evaporated under her. It was, as always, nice to talk with her, and I wish I had had more time to sit and talk for a longer time. We did work out which weekend it looked like everyone was congregating back there.

Met elfs and omahas and their sprog, and a bunch of their other friends (which I am sure most all have LJ identities, but I don't know them), and we hung out and then went out to eat.


First big task of the morning was to wrestle with Continental Airlines website. It kept teasing me with a redeye flight, but I just couldn't convince it to give it to me on a Thursday night as part of a round trip, even tho it was perfectly willing to sell it to me as an EXPENSIVE one way. I finally gave up, and bought my usual over-the-weekend itinerary. I will be in Boston the weekend of Oct 11th.

Then I went down to the Sternberg's to help with the Great Wall Project. They had a retaining wall in their back yard that Had To Go. Many of their friends were there as well (sorry, again I don't know LJ ids), and many hands made light work. Even tho they yelled at me for one-man-lift'ing the concrete bricks (they only weighed 80 lb, not that big a deal). The Forester was pressed into service hauling plastic bags of crushed gravel basefill and backfill from the Home Depot at the South Center Mall.

After dinner (cooked and served by tabbifli), a few of us went tubbing at j5nn5r's place. Very nice, cool air, dark sky, warm water, and fun friends. And much less sleazy (in the used car salesman style of sleazy) than Tubs.

Rather than make my way all the way home, I went with the Sternbergs back to their home, and crashed on their guest futon.


Woke to the sound of Elf heading for work (he's on 6 day weeks for the next month). Composed this huge LJ entry, and said good morning to Omaha and to Dinah).

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