Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

A Meeting with Microsoft

So my boss came to my cube today (Tuesday), and asked me if I was free for lunch. Something about dealing with some dotNET evangelists. I figured it was a sales pitch thing, and I was being sent to be "official sceptic", as I am well known to be a Linux bigot. I certainly wasn't going to turn down a lunch at Daniel's Broiler (on the 22nd floor of the Bellevue Center tower).

Turns out it wasn't what I had thought at all. A local tech executive, now working for Microsoft as part of the dotNET group, had been noticing that their "message" when evangulizing to ISVs was, at best, falling flat. So he called up a dozen of his tech exec friends, and had them each loan him a Linux Geek for a few hours. So there we were, a dozen Open Source bigots, and handful Microsoft marketing suits, having lunch, and just talking back and forth about how Open Source works, how can people make money at it (or not), the advantages (and disadvantages, if any) that it has over the "Microsoft Way".

I was just a little bit late getting there, which meant that I got installed at the head of the table. And I'm afraid that I talked about as much as the other geeks put together. The MS people were intellegent and engaged, and asked insightful questions.

It was really kind of freaky tho, to see the things that got carefully noted down. My explanation of the "ascending cycle of developer tool power causing larger expectations of software complexity", which is seems so basic to me, was amazing to them. I figure it's going to be showing up in PowerPoint slides all over the Campus soon.

I wish I had a recording or transcript.

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