Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Cellphone Number Portability

Do you have a US cellphone? Please hit this link.

From Boing Boing

We're fast closing in on the late November deadline for cellular companies and other telcos to offer number portability to their customers. The telcos have been dragging their heels on this for years, knowing that their businesses -- which have legnedarily poor customer satisfaction -- will be challenged to behave like real companies if their customers can switch and keep their phone numbers with them.

Now Congress is starting to waffle on the idea of number-portability -- big-money lobbyists have done their work and turned our elected representatives against us. Escape Cell Hell is the action-center fielded by Consumers Union (publishers of Consumer Reports) where you can write in and tell your Congresscritter not to sell out your interests to the twisted progeny of Ma Bell.


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