Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Foolscap personal con report

I probably got some of this stuff out of order. Corrections are welcome.


So Friday, right after gym, I drove down to Bellevue to attend Foolscap V. They were still setting up when I arrived, so I assisted in hauling in the heavy bits of the artshow display boards, then helped set up the reg table and wired up the computer on it.

After that, intermixed with interesting fannish conversations with interesting fen, I purchased a WayPort day pass, got online, and caught up on my personal email, USENET, and blog reading. I got my first huge bollus of Swen worm emails (tho a later check of my logs revealed that my very first one was received in mid late July). Spent some time IMing via Gaim with elfs until he signed off at 5pm. Half an hour later, he showed up, along with omahas and Kouryou-chan.

Did the usual Foolscap stuff. Played with toys with Kouryou and her parents. Wandered around, looked at books and art, hung out in HorseBrutality.

I was recognized as an infamous rec.arts.sf.written denizen, by someone who later apologized online for insulting me. I must have missed the insult. Oh well...

Dinner was a very high end personal pizza. Many fen had descended on this restaurant all at once, so we all sat together at a long table just outside, as they were very busy inside. The meal got to us decently fast, and it was very tasty.

It was a challenge getting back home. I405 and all the local exits in that area were closed or rerouted, because WADOT was moving an overpass. (Yes, moving it. Cheaper and smarter than tearing it down, and then building a new one close by, I guess.)


Omaha had asked for me to use my WayPort connection to download the game she wants to review for her radio show and then transfer it to her iBook. It was easy to snarf off the net, but then I spent 20m futzing around trying to make a USB datakey work to transfer it, with no success, and then just on a lark, tried to push it over to her via IP over the wireless, even tho she didn't have a WayPort pass. It worked, and it took me a couple of hours after until I figured out HOW.

Lunch was at a Greek restaurant. The tech toy du jour was a fan making a go at being a pro photographer had brought and was showing around her very neat prosumer grade DSLR camera. Drool.

Much more hanging out was done, more playing with the girls, and a bit of flirting. I'm getting slighting better at being on the uptake when the ball is in my court, instead of realizing what happened 5 hours later. Now... I just need to be able to actually score a point when volleying... Enough tortured metaphor.

Ended the night in the game room. After some rounds of CandyLand and Go Fish, I played the slightly more adult game of Chez Geek, and then called it a night while I was still awake enough to drive home.


Arrived as the Nanobytes luncheon was running. Decent food, good company. The auction was immediately after.

Omaha bought Elf an old AD&D module, S2 "The Expedition to the Barrier Peaks", the famous "starship crashed into a fantasy world" adventure. I've got a copy of that I bought new, but it's buried with my other old AD&D stuff at my parents place.

There was a very wicked candy up in HorseBrutality, basically freshly made truffle hearts, with no hard shell. It was very hard to stop eating them, and I ate way too many.

Dinner was an expedition to a local Mexican place. Again, we set up a long table, and much fun conversation happened. I was seated next to Kim Graham, who had spent the con sculpting an amazing dragon's head skull.

After returning home, it took me forever to fall asleep...


... Which, of course, meant that I woke up late this morning.

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