Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Session 72 of 124. Back and Shoulders.

Typical back day.

Pneumatic lat pulldowns, added 10 lbs. Cybex machine rows. Machine pullovers cycled with the machine shoulder press. This is the thing that burned me out bad last time. This time, we went a little bit lighter on the press, and added 10lb to the pullover, and used the Nautilus instead of the Cybex for the press. I did better this time, especially on the (now heavier) pullover. Hammer overhead shoulder rows. Tricep cable pulldowns. Had to drop weight halfway thru that. Triceps are hard. Lower back raises (with a 10 lb plate clutched to my chest) cycled with standing dumbell shoulder flys. Done.

Instead of going back to work, I blew it off, and came down to Bellvue for Foolscap. Right after my arrival, I got drafted into assisting in carrying the artshow panels into the hotel, which as a lot of back lifting. Yow!

Just as I was getting settled, I realized I was blowing off an all-hands software meeting at work. Whoops.

There is a WayPort node here, that I'm paying 10 bucks for.
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