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Mark Atwood
The day's events.
At work, I finally seem to have mostly wrapped my head around the HTTP server class I'm probably going to use. The next step, making it do UPnP stuff. It's going to hurt to find out just how ugly Microsoft can make XML and SOAP (which isn't exactly clean spare, and pretty to begin with).

Drove into Seattle, got some errands done. First of all, stopped at the Cat Clinic and picked up another flat of KD, a new venoset, and another 3 liters of LRS. Pretty soon my mailorder prescriptions for the stuff will start arriving, and I won't have to drive to pick them up every month any more. And then went over to jezel's, and went with her to pick up her car (she had had it detailed in preparation to sell it.).

At 7pm was the regularly scheduled weekly music lesson. I had forgotten my lesson books this morning (I seem to be intent on forgetting one important thing each morning), so we did nothing but sight reading exercise. Gods, those are brutal. On the plus side, it's good to that while they are difficult now, they would have been utterly impossible a few months back. Also, I was noticeably better at notereading at the end of the hour than I was at the beginning.

I got home to discover packages at my doorstep. Yay! In one package, some decals for my SUV, and in the other, my first copy of Cryptonomicon, which had been sitting in my parents' library, and now returned to me in time to get signed by the author next Tuesday.

Just as I was settling down to pet the cats, my LDS bishop stopped by, to see if I was healthy, comfortable, and/or interested in gracing the meeting hall some coming Sunday.

Now sitting under my covers, with my bed warmer on, Birki sleeping in my lap. Mmmm. Comfort.
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tugrik From: tugrik Date: September 17th, 2003 12:45 am (UTC) (Link)
Cryptonomicon rocks. :) Were I up there I'd be right beside you getting mine signed too...
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