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Gym. Session 70 of 124. Chest and Biceps

We started with measurements, not having done them for a month. I've shed another 7 pounds from my last "official" weighing, now down to 214. My pinch measurements are also down, but my tape measure measurements haven't moved. No new muscle volume. I have still been getting stronger, so it must be in increasing muscle fiber density, and in better activation yield.

I'll tweak my diet a bit to see if I can get some more volume, but ... I'll probably never be "HUGE", unless I start using steroids, which I am emphatically not interested in.

Anyway, it was an interesting day, full of exercises we don't usually do, lots of supersets.

  1. Bench dumbbell press cycled with bench balance crunches. (I balance on my ass, and pull my knees up to my chest while keeping that balance point).
  2. Cybex machine inclined press cycled with bicycle crunches (again, balanced on my ass, elbows to opposite knees, fast).
  3. Cybex machine seated flies. Up 5 pounds! Go me.
  4. Ball crunches cycled with ball seated bicep dumbbell curls. (Sit up on the ball, with my back ramrod straight, and do the curls without letting the ball roll or my back sway.)
  5. And then finished off with supine cable bicep curls.

After I was done, I bought another jar of whey protein shake powder, and was complaining to the trainer and the desk clerk just how screwed up their business processes were. (To sell me the stuff, she had to type things into TWO different computers on the counter, as well as walk over to the CC machine. It had taken an HOUR to do all the signing, swiping, paperwork, and keyboarding to sell me my 100 sessions back when.) After I got done with my minirant, I turned around and realized that some corporate HQ exec for 24 Hour Fitness had been standing behind me and had been intently listening in. Maybe my rant will do some good...

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