Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Much Big Weekend


My music teacher had scored a bunch of tickets to a lecture/concert about George and Ira Gershwin. It was lovely and fascinating. I enjoyed the music, and learned a great deal.


And then omahas and I went out dancing at the Merc. It was a lot of fun. I was all dressed up from the concert hall, and she, of course, was as sexy as hell. Even a boy with no rhythm, such as myself, can dance well when working closely with someone who's so deliciously good at it.

We had a good conversation driving her home, and then I fell asleep on their guest futon, to a night of bright technicolor full-sensory dreams.


The next morning...

After zipping back home to water the cat and to put in my contacts, I was down at the DZ, trying my AFF level 4, again. Didn't make the same mistakes this time, instead I made other ones. In the debrief after, my jumpmaster said that while they would be willing to keep taking me up as often as I was willing to come, my money would probably be better spent in a vertical windtunnel for now. Sigh. So I guess I'm saving up for that.

State Fair

Next stop was Puyallup, for the state fair, where I met up again with Omaha, and with Elf, and Kouryou-chan and Yamaarashi-chan. It was a zoo. For parking, and for the crowd of people. Fun to peoplewatch tho, many interesting specimens, and much eye-candy.

As soon as the smell of the place hit me (that unique mix of certain candies, junk food, asphalt, machinery, and plains monkeys, all sun-baked), I was flashbacking on my 2 summers working at Lagoon when I was 16 and 17.

The roller-coaster was fun.

After small scrambled mess, we escaped, with Elf taking the girls home, and myself giving Omaha a ride up to the U district for a salon discussion at ivolucien's.


It's hard to avoid crashing after all that. And after getting home, that's exactly what I did. (Crashed, not avoid it.) And now here it is, the next morning. My home needs cleaning, my cats need attention, and the world seems a little bit grey.

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