Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Why I don't like horseradish

Apropos nothing at all, this is a little story about me that just came up in conversation with the local Lunch Providing Entrepreneur.

I've never much liked horseradish. I've never really liked "hot" foods in general. Hot peppers, etc. "Subtly, not power!" was what I would say. Cinnamon is good, in SMALL quantities. So I didn't care for horseradish, but never felt the need to single it out.

Until one day.

I was at a business lunch. At a nice steak restaurant. We all ordered New York (a new cut for me), and the waiter brought out our meat, a basket of baked potatoes, and a cart of potato seasonings. As the conversation wandered back and forth over small talk, business talk, and technical talk, I was prepping my potato. In the past, the restaurants I go to "load" it for me, but not in this case. So, as I was participating in the give-and-take, I had split and fluffed mine, and filled it with butter and sour cream.

At least, I thought it was sour cream.

It wasn't, as I discovered the instant I took a big bite.

And that's why I don't like horseradish.

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