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Gym. Session 67 of 124. Legs.

It being a Monday, we were supposed to do chest and biceps, but we screwed up, and were halfway thru the second set of leg presses when we realized the error. No worries, I'll just start doing chest on Wednesdays.

Leg press. Hack squat. Leg extension cycled with Lunge. Leg curl cycled with ball curl. Seated calves (which kicked my ass). Hip abductor cycled with adductor (which again kicked my ass, almost literally in this case, my gluts were screaming). I was so proud that I had gotten my abd/add cycle up to 100 lb each, but I couldn't do it this time, having to finally drop the adductor down to 90, 80, 70.

Taking over a week off really hurts the numbers.

Due to some rah rah internal meeting next Wednesday, my usual noon appointment has been moved to 6 am. That's going to suck.

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