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Together in Electric Dreams

So it's so very very 80s.

I still like it.

I'm a sap, I admit it.

Together in Electric Dreams
Soundtrack "Electric Dreams"
Giorgio Moroder with Philop Oakley

i only knew you for a while
i never saw your smile
till it was time to go
time to go away (time to go away)

sometimes it's hard to recognize
but comes as a surprise
and it's too late
it's just too late to stay (too late to stay)

we'll aways be together
however far it seems (love never ends)
we'll always be together
together in electric dreams

because the friendship that you gave
has taught me to be brave
no matter where i go
i'll never find a better prize (find a better prize)

tho you're miles and miles away
i see you every day
i don't have to try
i just close my eyes
i close my eyes!



[stupid guitar bit]



we'll always be together

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