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Mark Atwood
5 March 1969
Seattle, Washington, United States
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Davis High School - Kaysville UT (1984 - 1987)
University of Utah - Salt Lake City UT (1988 - 1994)
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alaska, amazon s3, anthropomorphics, back rubs, biological immortality, bisexuality, bofh, books, carol queen, cats, ccw, charlie stross, chocolate, chopsticks, civilian space program, conscript, crypto, danny elfman, drawing, drizzle, edward gorey, emacs, eros comix, erotica, escher, ethical sluts, firefox, foo camp, fountain pens, free software, furry art, gearman, geekhauses, girl genius, glitterati club of seattle, gnu, goth clubs, gpl, greg egan, guns, hottubbing, invader zim, kink, lds, leaf lattés, linux, lojban, math, memcached, mormons, mysql, nancy friday, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, open source, open source software, pendor, perverts, phil foglio, polyamory, programming, pvr, reading, samurai jack, sapiosexuality, science fiction, seattle, sex, singularity, skydiving, sleep, small favors, snmp, spanish, spcc, sun, sun microsystems, sushi, susie bright, target shooting, ted chiang, tengwar, the singularity, the wetspot, they might be giants, threesomes, tmbg, usenet refugees, vernor vinge, whole earth catalog, wikipedia, xxxenophile
For the most part now I journal over at http://fallenpegasus.dreamwidth.org/ and my posts there get echoed to here. I recommend that you drop LJ and move over to DW.

This journal is about me: my work and my projects, my comings and goings and doings, my opinions, my family.
Usually I'm nice, but sometimes I am snarky.

I keep a technical blog as well.

People are interesting. Even the most boring seeming people, when you learn their stories, are interesting.

If you add me to your flist, please drop me a note letting me know who you are. Even if you think I already know.

I live in the Seattle Capitol Hill neighborhood.

I regularly commit autodidactism.
I have demolished a house with a crowbar while wearing a business suit.
I have been used as a canvas for mass erotic painting.
I am an introverted people watcher, yet I enjoy public speaking.

I pay attention. I listen, I watch, and I learn.

I drink red wine, green tea, and dark beer.

I love the feel of a smooth nib against good paper, because thoughts and images have to go into books, as well as come from them.

I sometimes seem very cool and distant, but that is because I'm watching and listening, and trying to figure out what is going on.
I sometimes seem very warm and friendly, but I'm still watching and listening, and trying to figure out what is going on.

For the sake of Google Buzz and other social semantic graph systems, here is my Google Profile and my home page link.